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Summer Hair Problems and Solutions

Summer is right around the corner and with the sunny, warm weather comes a new host of hair problems! We’re here to help avoid and find solutions for those annoyances!

Untamed Frizz

Brazilian Blowouts are perfect for taming the frizz in the hot summer humidity as well as many additional benefits! The cool thing about Brazilian Blowouts is that they are extremely customizable! From frizz-less coiled curls to sleek straight locks, they add shine and bounce to all hair types. They also cut back your drying time!

If a Brazilian Blowout is out of the question for you, instead of using a regular brush which causes natural curls to frizz, try switching to a double-set wide tooth comb to help keep the frizz away.

Greasy Roots

Summertime is fine, but some of us get hot and sweaty easily and that leads to greasy roots. The solution- spritz dry shampoo at your root and follow up a simple cool shot with your hair dryer! This helps add volume to your hair after you spray in the dry shampoo.

Saltwater and Chlorine Damage

Conditioners are your best friend! Whether it be regular conditioners or leave in, your hair needs the conditioning and moisture that saltwater and chorine tend to draw out! We love using a moisture mask to give back the moisture and shine to your hair!

UV Rays

The sun’s UV rays can damage your hair and scalp, and are a particular problem if you have thin hair, as the exposed part of the scalp can easily become burned. To combat this, wear hats or scarfs. There are also certain sunscreens or dry shampoos that you can spray or use without making your hair oily!

Hopefully this helps you take the best care of your hair and prevent any problems once summer hits! If you are interested in the Brazilian Blowout, don't miss out on our promotion! We will give away 2 free products from the Brazilian Blowout line to the first 13 people who book a Brazilian Blowout!

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